Система XDK

Производитель: Liebert

Liebert XDK is a proven high heat density rack enclosure with integrated water based cooling. It utilizes closed air circulation for cooling of the heat load in the enclosure. Key to the performance and efficiency of Liebert XDK is the Liebert Pumping Unit that isolates building chilled water from the XDK water circuit and also controls the fluid temperature to always be above the actual dew point.

Key Features

  • Secure enclosure with high-density cooling
  • Cooling capacity of up to 17kW.
  • Efficient heat discharge from the enclosure via water.
  • Speed controlled fans, n+1 redundant
  • Automatic front and rear door openers activate if rack overheats
  • Autonomous rack; independent from environmental conditions.
  • Space and Energy efficient
  • Optimizes channeled air flow in the rack Low noise level
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